Thin Crust Pizza

Baked Pizza

Thin Crust Margherita Pizza

A couple of years ago when my boyfriend and I moved in together and merged our book collections, my already extensive collection of cookbooks suddenly expanded with the addition of his late mother’s cookbook collection.  I never met her, but she was a truly superb cook and her legacy has lived on through the tried and true recipes she left behind.  And so when I decided to make pizza for our dinner last night, I referred to her well worn Marcella Hazan classic Italian cookbooks (circa 1978) for a recipe.  I adapted it for my own use, trading spelt flour for the wheat flour, but have a feeling I will be returning to these books many times in the future as a resource.

Despite many disappointing pizza crusts in the past, I wasn’t suprised to find that this recipe turned out well.  Extremely well in fact.  This posting was meant to make it onto my site yesterday when I made the pizza the first time.  But when the pizza came out of the oven, I remember only a blur of hunger and the taste of baked cheese…and it was only after I had eaten half of it before I realised that I needed to photograph it for this site.  And so I had to repeat the recipe again today.

What an awful thing to have to make (AND eat) pizza twice in one weekend!

Click here for my recipe for Thin Crust Pizza.

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