She forgot my beloved Pulparindo, but great blog nonetheless.

Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking

For a country with so few dessert options, Mexico has a serious sweet tooth.  Desserts are more varied on the tourist strip, but at the end of many a fine meal in Mexican restaurants I have asked for the dessert selection only to have the waiter respond with a great flourish, “Hay flannnn…’ trailing off that final consonant in a hopeful tone…

So flan it is for dessert, and if it’s well made, it rivals cheesecake as a finish and isn’t nearly as rich.  It’s actually a stroke of dessert genius as it tops off a spicy Mexican meal like nothing else could.

But about that sweet tooth.  If you’re ever in a traditional Mexican market, or even a decent Mexican supermarket, take a look at the candy aisle.  The selection above is pretty typical, candy for the eye as well as that aching tooth.  So what’s behind all that day-glo display? …

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  1. Donna

    Pulparindo is also my big fave… I must have taken it as a given!

    It’s my fave because it is made from real tamarind pulp, plus the classic sugar/salt/chile combination that melds with the sour stuff to form the taste of childhood in Mexico! Quite small Mexican kids happily chew away on this type of candy in the movies, passing over the sweeter stuff to form a lifelong habit.

    This is why Mexican children have such amazingly well developed palates. When they grow up and are hit in the kisser with a full-on black mole with 20 ingredients they are fully prepared for this fiesta of flavors, whereas a kid from, say, Nebraska, would probably be in a state of shock, if their head didn’t actually just fly off!

    Of course there are a ton of sweet/sour/salty/sweet/spicy candies based on tropical fruits like tamarind, pineapple and mango, but Pulparindo tops my list. Don’t miss Pulparindo Minis!

    Thanks for reblogging this post. I invite you to visit my kitchen when you’re in Cabo… meanwhile, sweet Mexican dreams!




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