Rebrand: Our Little Organic Life

“Look at supermom!” the two women across the parking lot yelled at me this morning.  I had Gwenny the dog’s leash clipped around my waist and was carrying the baby in my arms as we were on our way into the Pets At Home grooming salon.  “Yes” I thought smugly, “I am supermom.”  Let me have my moment.

Life has changed a bit for me in the last 3 months.  I’ve had a baby.

No more traipsing across London to find obscure ingredients in interesting food shops.  No more fine dining.  No more dining in general really…aside from the odd pub lunch or Byron burger with friends.  Most of my food & beverage consumption outside the home consists of coffees consumed with my NCT group of mummy friends within a 20 minute radius of my house.  Even cooking and baking at home now has become far more basic and simple.  My idea of a good recipe is one that contains 5 or less ingredients!

So Eating London didn’t really feel like the right name for this blog anymore. I haven’t written much in the last year because I didn’t really know what to say.  Times have changed since 2011 when I started writing Eating London.  In some ways I’ve gone back to my roots – the very original name of this blog in 2010 was The Organic Menu.  But even returning to that didn’t feel right, as my life is about so much more than food now.  In short, I’m doing my best to approximate a “supermom” and living the organic life is more than just about what you put in your mouth.  I’m taking a small person with me along the way too.

Not all of you signed up for this kind of a blog.  Some of you may want to leave and that’s fine.  But I’m hoping lots of you will stay and continue to follow my journey (now ‘our’ journey) and I’ll do my best to find a few moments from time to time to sit down at this computer and write about our little organic life.

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