Zero Waste Challenge

About a year ago I came across the concept of the zero waste lifestyle.  I loved everything about it in the same way I once loved reading Vanity Fair.  A lifestyle promoted by impossibly perfect, model-like women living in their unattainably stylish, minimalistic New York micro-lofts, shopping at Whole Foods and fitting all their annual household rubbish into a mason jar and then blogging or vlogging about it.  I mean, good for them.  If I were 15 years younger and starting out from scratch I’d do the same (without being impossibly perfect or model-like).  But what about when you already have a house full of stuff, a husband, a baby and a very hairy geriatric dog?

Well, you do what you can.  That’s what you do.

We are not a zero waste home, but we do our best and I have made significant reductions in our household waste over the last year.  I started moving towards my zero waste goal at home by making small changes.  I switched to a bamboo toothbrush (rather than a plastic one), started making a lot of my own personal care items and…well, just buying less ‘stuff’.  Every time you go out and buy ‘stuff’, you come home and take it out of its plastic bag, unpackage it, use it / wear it for a bit / put it on a shelf with your other ‘stuff’ and then get rid of it.  All of that – the bag, the packaging and the ‘stuff’ itself – ends up in the recycle bin or charity shop at best, and more often than not, it ends up in landfill.

The green/eco blogging community is a fairly small one, and so when another green lifestyle blogger approached me to do a Zero Waste Challenge with her throughout the month of June, I thought it would be a great opportunity to up my own game at home.  So over the next few weeks I’m going to write some posts to help you learn a bit about some practical ways to introduce a few zero waste changes into your own lifestyle.  And I can promise you that you’ll be model-like and have a perfect, stylish home and will only shop at Whole Foods by the end of it.  Okay, maybe not…but you’ll definitely notice your house will be filled with less crap, your medicine cabinet will look a lot more chic, you’ll spend less money and most importantly, your garbage bin will be less full each week.  Meanwhile, here at chez OLOL I’m going to work on introducing a few more changes into the way we do things to even further reduce our household waste.

If you’d like to get inspired to learn more about realistic small changes you can make to move towards a zero waste lifestyle, please come back and check out my posts throughout June and if you’d like to see a family who really does successfully live this way, check out Zero Waste Home where Bea Johnson and her family in California produce just one jar of rubbish per year.


12 thoughts on “Zero Waste Challenge

  1. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Oh!! I love this idea, the zero waste challenge sounds right up my street! I will certainly come back and checkout your blog through June. I’m also going to look more into the zero waste challenge! 🙂


    1. Our Little Organic Life Post author

      Thanks Sarah, it really does have a ‘feel good factor’ to it as you’re doing something great for the planet…and your community, the greater economy, your pocketbook, your health and your family’s wellbeing! I’m struggling to see the ‘downside’ other than perhaps taking a bit more time to do things.


  2. Joanna

    Good luck 🙂 I think it will be tough to start with, because we will have to rethink every detail of our daily lives, but all new things are difficult at the beginning. I agree that it will be great to have less stuff at the end of this experiment. I gave away so much and I still find myself navigating in a maze of stuff just to get through our flat!

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  3. Top Style Advice

    What a great challenge and so good for the environment. I was taught growing up not to taste, being Irish. So I’ve tried to reflect this in my life with food, that said, not so great with fashion and beauty, I buy so much and never seem to use or wear everything. Something I need to practise. Great blog and thank you so much for the detailed comment on my blog 🙂 You’ve got a new follower!


    1. Our Little Organic Life Post author

      I think clothes have been the hardest for me! Guess it helps that I basically don’t have an income anymore! I have a lot of my pre-baby designer stuff that I will never wear again and it isn’t worth storing (have you SEEN how much storage London houses have?) so will be doing a ‘nearly new’ type sale at some point which will be a bit more ‘freeing’. You have such a lovely blog as well…have found you on social media too. I thought it was funny you had a photo of the engagement ring with the purple nail polish as I was wearing that same colour when I was proposed to…I mean it was more accidental on my part as I’d probably have had a classic red or something if I’d known it would be a moment to remember for the next 60 years or so…oh well! 🙂


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