Berber’s Treat Moroccan Beldi Soap

After journeying thought the Atlas Mountains a few years ago, I became a convert to the benefits of argan oil for beautiful skin. So many of the Berber women who live in that region have absolutely stunning, glowing skin due to the argan oil they use topically and in their diets.

So when I heard about beldi soap, another Berber beauty treatment traditionally used by Instyle-BerbersTreatMoroccan hammams, I thought I’d enjoy giving that a try as well. Beldi soap (also known as black eucalyptus gel) is made from eucalyptus essential oil and olive oil. If its good enough for Kylie Minogue’s beauty routine, its good enough for mine and I was gifted a tub of Berber’s Treat, the brand she uses and which was featured in this month’s InStyle magazine. (I noticed she also uses my Mom’s favourite Organic Pharmacy rose cream too!) I have very good skin generally – not too dry or oily and I’m pretty happy with my skin. But for some reason I have horribly dry legs from the knees down. I mean seriously crocodile legs. So that’s where I thought I’d road test the product.

I only treated my right leg, so I could compare it with my left leg after completing the treatment. I followed the instructions (the gel is quite unlike any other texture) and used a special exfoliating mitt to massage the product into my skin and slough off any dead skin whilst creating a rich, unctuous foam. I could feel it improving my circulation as I continued to massage for a minute or so and then rinsed it off. I didn’t apply any lotion, so I could see whether the soap would have a drying effect. After about an hour the leg was still moist and I could feel that in addition to the obvious exfoliation, there had been a deep moisturising treatment as well. I’ll provide another update after I’ve been using the product for month or so, as the cracks in my leg will take time to heal, but the rich vitamin E content of the product should help with the healing process and I’m really happy with what the beldi soap has achieved after just one treatment.

UPDATE: Three months on I am really loving this product and my legs are so much healthier looking. I ended up contacting the company again to ask if they had an affiliate link so I could share it with my readers. I recommend getting the scrub mitt that goes with it as it makes it easier to scoop the gel out of the pot and to exfoliate your skin with the gel, getting a nice satisfying lather. The smell of the eucalyptus essential oil is wonderful and uplifting and I suspect helps stimulate circulation too.  If you’d like to order some Berber’s Treat, you can click here to order using my affiliate link. Thank you so much for reading about my experiences.

18 thoughts on “Berber’s Treat Moroccan Beldi Soap

  1. youngsickandinvisible

    It sounds amazing, and if Kylie uses it and has a figure the way she does at her age, then maybe I should start using it now lol

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