REVIEW: Honestly Good Smoothie Company

The Honestly Good Smoothie Company recently sent me a box of their delicious smoothie bags and asked if I’d share my experience.

The owner, Vikesh, launched his smoothie business last year and offered me the opportunity to try out their frozen smoothie packs. I haven’t tried all their flavours yet, as I’m doing a low carbohydrate diet and I need to make sure each smoothie fits into my daily macronutrient count, but I’ll update this post every time I try a new flavour.

First of all, I have kind of knocked off the smoothies over the last 6 months or so because they tended to be high in carbohydrate (from all the frozen banana). My tastebuds are a huge fan of fruity smoothies, but my head isn’t. I know that while I’m not a proponent of any extreme diets, I am trying to keep my carbohydrate intake on the lower side these days, and a delicious veg-rich smoothie is just what I was after. I have tried making my own veggie smoothies in the past, but they really weren’t always that successful. Nutritious yes – but sometimes they were awful sludges!

The smoothie market is really saturated – every supermarket has at least a dozen brands of smoothies in the fridge section and smoothie mixes in the frozen section. What I like about the Honestly Good Smoothie Co smoothies are that they are low in fruit while being high in rainbow vegetables and “superfood” type ingredients. This means they are lower in carbohydrates than typical smoothies and higher in antioxidant rich phytonutrients. They source every component of the smoothie from a certified organic source and you can tell how “clean” the smoothies are just from looking at the ingredients when you pop them into the blender. (And if you love them and have a lot of time on your hands you can recreate their smoothies yourself because they generously share their recipes on their website. This also makes it easy to calculate the nutrients in Cronomter or MyFitnessPal.)

So let me tell you how they work.

You’ll receive a delivery (you can order as a one off or sign up monthly if you wish) which comes in a cardboard box. The smoothie packs are kept frozen with a bag of dry ice and insulated with wool insulation packs. You pop them right into the freezer until you’re ready to use them.

The pack comes with a simple instruction leaflet showing you how to make your smoothie – but it is pretty easy. Just dump the contents of the bag into your blender with the required amount of water (or plant milk if you wish) and blend away. I like to make my smoothies as a meal, so I added a scoop of plant based protein powder into mine (usually I use Vega Essentials Vanilla but am currently loving the Missfits Vegan Vanilla powder which I bulk bought on sale at Homesense).

The Cacaonut One

I first made the smoothie called The Cacaonut One. I liked the look of it as it had sweet potato and hazelnuts in it. I felt it looked nourishing and indeed, that is exactly how it tasted. Not nourishing in an “mmmmm….this (gulp)…tastes (gak)….so (choke)…healthy” kind of way. I mean, that I could happily eat that delicious smoothie for lunch everyday for a month and never get sick of it. It kept me full for around 8 hours (remember I did add some protein powder). It was just sweet enough to keep my sweet tooth happy, but also satiating in a way which sweet smoothies aren’t.

I suspect if you have a Vitamix or Blendtec you probably could get it a bit more creamy smooth, but mine had some texture to it still from the cacao nibs and hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds. But I quite liked the texture. It was a good texture – like when you throw chocolate chips into your smoothie.

cacaonut smoothie bag
close up of cacaonut smoothie bag
smoothie ingredients in blender close up
another close up of smoothie ingredients in blender
delicious made up smoothie in a coconut bowl

If you’re wondering about the bowl, it is one that was gifted to me a couple years ago by Coconut Bowls (along with the spoon) and I love them for my smoothies.

You can try the Honestly Good Smoothie Co smoothie kits by ordering from their website and at the time I’m writing this, they’ll give you £10 off your first order. (I’m not an affiliate or anything – I just liked the company, I liked how they’re not flogging sugar disguised as health food [i.e. 99.5% of the smoothies on the market] and I liked how they’re both transparent and ethical with their ingredients.)

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