Review of Osprey Ultralight Dry Sacks & Washbag Carry On

On my latest trip I was asked to review a few new items to help with packing light, including a few items from Osprey which were sent to me by the specialist hiking & ski equipment company, Simply Hike.  They carry a wide range of top outdoors brands, including British brand Montane which has been working with professional mountaineers for over 20 years to help design lightweight breathable endurance clothing and equipment able to handle endurance sports and activities in extreme environments, from the British Antarctic Survey to British Mountain Rescue Teams.

It wasn’t a hiking holiday this time, but as those of you who read me regularly will know, I like to travel light and I need equipment which will allow me to walk around cities comfortably while carrying my luggage, sometimes for hours.  We use public transportation to and from the airport where possible, and we need to be able to carry our gear easily and hands-free so we can keep ahold of our young daughter.

Osprey 6 Litre Ultralight Dry Sack

These ultralight dry sacks are a great alternative to a packing cube and I think after using them alongside my MEC packing cubes, on this last trip, I actually prefer them.

I got mine in a pleasing bright neon lime colour called Electric Lime which paired nicely with the 3 litre Shadow Grey pack I also received. Weighing in at an ultralight 30 grams, this bag is made from a siliconised 40-denier nylon ripstop fabric with waterproof seams which would provide full protection to the clothes inside my case were it to get wet. The sack, once stuffed full, closes with a roll top closure (also waterproof) which closes with a satisfying soft click. The dimensions are (cm) 28 (l) x 18 (w) x 10 (d).

I was able to fit an entire capsule wardrobe (including underwear but minus the jeans and a long-sleeve top and light jacket (which I wore on the plane) into the total of 9 litres storage capacity of this and the 3 litre version below.

When stuffed full, this bag has a rectangular brick shape which fit really snugly into the square edges of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 I used as my main suitcase for this trip.

Osprey 3 Litre Ultralight Dry Sack

Like the larger version above, this smaller 3 litre dry sack is a convenient brick shape once full and easily tucks into the corner of a suitcase. This one is so compact, it easily fit into the side compartments of both my Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45 and while I didn’t travel with it on this occasion, I also checked and it fit into the bottom front pocket of my Tom Bihn Synapse 25 quite neatly as well.

I chose a slightly olive stone grey called Shadow Grey for this sack which weighs in at 20 grams. Like the 6 litre version it is also made from a siliconised 40-denier nylon ripstop fabric with waterproof seams and closes with a roll top closure. The dimensions are (cm): 22 (l) x 16 (w) x 8 (d).

I actually thought this pack was just the right size to use as a neck support on the plane.

Osprey Washbag Carry-On – Shadow Grey

This little wash bag was a bit small for the trip I went on this time (I wanted to bring all my mineral make up and big hairbrushes with me as this trip was to celebrate my 40th birthday and 6th wedding anniversary) so I still used my favourite LL Bean Medium Toiletries Bag to carry all my personal care items for myself and my daughter on this trip.  If I were travelling without checking in any luggage, I would definitely pare down my toiletries to fit into this bag, as its capacity is more than adequate to hold quite a few travel toiletry miniatures, a full size toothbrush, plus a lipstick, eyeshadow, mini blush and a comb or tangle teaser hairbrush.

However I absolutely detest having to use those plastic ziplock bags at security in the airport for my liquids and gels in my handbag, so on this occasion, this washbag was absolutely perfect for me to tuck my random lipstick, lip balm, essential oils and hand gel, etc into to go through security.  It was just the right size (at 1 litre volume) and as it is also totally transparent it met the requirements to conform to EU carry on standards.

The zipper is a high quality YKK zipper (I know I am such a nerd, I do actually check the zipper brand when I buy gear…really. It’s a hangover from my climber days.) and it has a soft pull loop which just fits your index finger to easily open and close the bag. And for those who like being all matchy-matchy with their gear, it comes in the same olive stone grey called Shadow Grey which the dry sacks are also available in.

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