Summer Favourites 2019

I’ve decided to keep things really simple this summer. I’m loving pairing simple denim shorts or capris with a feminine kaftan. My newest one is actually a rare “new” piece for me from Dutch lingerie company Hunkemöller. I got one of their halter bikinis last year and found it very comfortable. This lacey Guipure tunic which I have, would be quite at home on a Moroccan beach…but I’ll probably be wearing it paired with a tank top or swimsuit while out kayaking in the cove all summer in Canada.

Black Hunkemoller kaftan hanging on the clothing line.
Outdoor flatlay of a black Hunkemoller kaftan.  it is cotton with some crochet detailing and small tassels in the front.  My sunglasses are on top.

As you can see, I’ve managed to keep my beautiful tortoiseshell arm Ray Ban aviators going for another year (despite my toddler hiding them “somewhere” in the living room between January and March of this year). I have around 4 pairs of sunglasses which I rotate depending on my outfit and mood. I have made them last a long time by taking good care of them and I never buy anything too “trendy” as I know what looks good on my face.

Flatlay of a Hunkemoller black beach kaftan cover up with gold Ray Ban aviator sunglasses on top.

I’m always trying out new “clean” SPF products which aren’t full of harmful toxic chemicals. While I do plan to stock up on some of the incredibly convenient ThinkSport and ThinkBaby sticks when I go to Canada, I also bought this Young Living mineral SPF 50 lotion to try out and keep us sunburn-free in the meanwhile.

Young Living brand SPF 50 sun lotion on the grass.

I recently fell in love with an Australian brand of skincare Eco Sonya when I visited the Natural Products Expo Europe a couple of months ago. I’m nearly out of my favourite Berber’s Treat Moroccan Eucalyptus Soap which I have been using to keep my legs super soft and I’m keen to give the Eco Sonya Super Acai Exfoliator a try as a replacement…not to mention their beautiful blue spirulina “eye compost” eye cream which comes with a jade applicator. I’ve found that post-40 it takes a lot more work to keep skin looking supple – both on my face and body – so I’ve also added a vitamin C supplement to my skincare regimen. Here’s the one I’m using as its sugar-free, free from artificial sweeteners, but still delicious – it’s orange-flavoured and chewable (because I can’t stand dealing with another pill I have to swallow). Somehow – miraculously – it is also very inexpensive as well at less than £4 for nearly two months’ supply.

A trade show display of Eco Sonya skincare products with a display of fresh fruits and botanicals in front of the products to show the ingredients in the products.

I’ll be continuing to sport my favourite €5 hat I bought in Valencia last year. I love it and get lots of compliments on it, so why mess with a good thing? Here I am wearing it with my favourite Absolutely Bear ethically made fair-trade cotton t-shirt. If you’re around here a lot, you’ll know that I love the folks at Absolutely Bear and that they do THE BEST cotton casual wear.

Me wearing a black t shirt and sunglasses and a sunhat at a cafe table in Valencia.
A photo of a tub of vegan ice cream beside my rattan sunhat and oakley sunglasses.  On a cafe table.

I hope your summer is filled with beaches, sunshine, ice cream (like this delicious vegan one from Gelateria La Romana in Valencia) and fun.

*The kaftan was sent to me as a gift by Hunkemoller

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