How to Succeed at Your Young Living Business

Four years ago I had some real health issues to deal with and when I introduced a real food diet into our lives I had no idea the path I’d be going down.  Soon I realised that organic foods just weren’t enough, and when I became pregnant with our daughter I knew how important it was to not only remove the toxins from the foods we were eating, but also from the products we used to clean our home and in our personal care.  I’m not going to lie…I spent A LOT of money on natural toothpastes, deodorants, skin creams, facial washes, body lotions, and various house cleaning products.  I say “natural”, but many of them actually weren’t that natural.  I soon discovered the greenwashing that goes on in the commercial world and around a year ago I started making many of my own cleaning and personal care products.  This was both cheaper and often more effective.  The less toxins which were in our lives, the healthier I became.  And when I was healthier, I started feeling an awful lot happier.

Enter Young Living oils.  I didn’t bring these oils into our lives planning to ever run a business with them.  There is nothing ‘network market’ about me, in fact.  But people would come into my house and would instantly stop at the door and say “what’s that smell?” and want to know how they could get these essential oils into their home.  People could see me looking and feeling happier, healthier and more radiant as a direct result of using Young Living essential oils and products.

Being successful at running a Young Living business is about teaching people to be healthy and sharing your knowledge and experience with the oils.  Some people just share their love of oils with their friends and others want to tell the world.  It depends on your personality and how much these oils have rocked your world.  I’m not going to lie…when I got my first Young Living oil, I did not think I would ever write an article like this.  But people like me, people whose passion for the oils came before any awareness of the business potential is ultimately what makes successful Young Living business builders.  If you love the oils and if you share that love, the money will start to come in.

During my time with Young Living I have had some amazing advice from Diamond, Gold and Silver leaders and it goes to show that no matter where you are in your Young Living journey now, you can always find success as a business builder.  But it requires commitment and some of the tips below are sharing the valuable knowledge I have been fortunate enough to have learned so far:


It takes huge focus and discipline to be successful.  The best way to create focus is by creating time constraints for yourself and knowing what your priorities are.  Decide how many hours you want to put into your Young Living business, but make sure that is no more than 20 hours per week.  Whether you’re dedicating 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours or 20 hours, decide what that time allotment will be and create that time to look at messages, and deal with emails and phone calls.  BUT…when that time is finished, put the phone away, turn off the computer and spend the time with your family and friends.  Imagine the focus you can create when you know you only have a strictly set number of hours to spend on your business each week.


Part of being focused is allowing yourself to rest; you can’t focus when you’re not rested.  Create some time to rejuvenate yourself and make sure you set aside one day just to honour yourself and spend time with your family.  No computer, no mobile phone.  Remember that your job isn’t problem solving or ‘managing’ the people below you – its about inspiring people.  Your time is precious.  Keep your priorities in mind and focus on positivity.  You don’t need to know everything and you don’t need to have the answer to everything.  One diamond leader taught me that that won’t serve you well in this business.


At each stage in building your Young Living business you’ll think you can’t go any further.  You’ll think you’ve gone as far as you can go. You may have to do things which feel difficult to you, which challenge you and you might feel humiliated or a bit stupid.  But remember that you’ve created your business and brought it this far.  The feelings you’re having now are part of how you learn and build confidence in the future.  So as difficult as it is, embrace those moments of humility because they are how we reach the next stage in our business building.


Meeting with people, both on an individual level and leading classes, is what you’ll be doing in this business, and if you don’t like it you’ll need to learn to like it and do it in a way that you like.  It might be small gatherings in your home.  It might be teaming up with a local natural therapies clinic and running information sessions.  It might be make & take classes.  Find a way of sharing that will work in your life.  Your team will follow what you do and if they don’t see you engaging people and setting up classes, they won’t do it either.  If they see you do it they’ll want to do it too and they’ll want to do it with you.


I don’t know one person who has become a successful Young Living business builder that actually came into the business to make money.  So why would you expect to attract other good people to Young Living that way?  I know people who sell various network marketing products that have asked me to join their teams.  I think this is partly because they’ll ask anyone, but also because they have seen my success so far with Young Living and they think I could somehow be successful with their product.  And that’s where the problem is.  I believe in Young Living, I’m passionate about it and I know it works.  I literally don’t have to sell it.  I just share what works for me.  And when I see someone struggling with something, I can often recommend something which helps them and that’s where the joy comes for me.  The paycheque is not what drives me to do this (though, I’m not going to lie, its pretty great!).  And I can also tell you from experience that any time I HAVE tried to appeal to the business appetites of budding network marketing entrepreneurs by suggesting they consider the Young Living opportunity, I have abysmally failed because they don’t get it.  Young Living is not for network marketers, its for real people wanting to make real change in their own lives and inspiring others to want to make changes in their lives too.


This might be the most important piece of advice.  One which I constantly need to remind myself.  You need to be the person that you are promoting in this business.  Young Living is about bringing wellness, vibrancy and balance into our lives; so live that life now.  You already have a Young Living wholesale account so you have the tools.  You can start paying off any debt you might have and start looking after yourself with adequate rest, healthy living, nourishing food and working 20 hour weeks.  Other people will see that life you’ve created for yourself and want to live it too.

If you want to read more about business building with Young Living, I recommend Jen O’Sullivan’s book Essentially Driven. I think she has a really good ethos and is very straightforward. Her knowledge of French Aromatherapy is world class as well and she does courses in the subject (which I haven’t taken…yet!). And if you’d like to join my team, email me at  Or you can start your own business right away this very moment, from almost anywhere in the world by ordering your own Young Living Business Starter Kit here.


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