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Bread, Glorious Bread

There are moments when you forget all the wonderful foods there are to eat and all you want is bread.  And butter.  And maybe a cup of tea too.

At the moment bread is off the menu for me.  Its just over a month away from my sister’s wedding where I am maid of honour, and I have a dress to fit into.*  Its always what you can’t have that lingers in your mind and tempts you from the righteous path of just having plain yogurt and apples for lunch.

Below is the particular bread I am lusting after at the moment – the hazelnut bread I ate at CAU, Gaucho’s new concept restaurant in Amsterdam last April

“What’s wrong with a little bread?” you might say?  What’s right about it?  This baby is bread…crammed with nuts…slathered in butter…and it is truly beautiful…

Hazelnut Bread

Hazelnut Bread

*and not look like a badly stufffed sausage