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Tuesday 30 October:  This is great!  My first day of work in Euston.  North London is very cool.  I guess that makes me cool.  And trendy.  I am going to be cool and trendy and work in North London.

Wednesday 31 October:  There sure doesn’t seem to be many places around here to eat.  Maybe I’ll just go back to the Pret a Manger in the station and have another falafel & halloumi wrap today.  Tomorrow I’ll go to Camden, Marylebone or Islington to pick up some lunch from somewhere cool & trendy, like North Londoners do.

Thursday 1 November:  Wow.  North London is big.  Maybe I’ll just get another one of those falafel & halloumi wraps…

Friday 2 November:  Thank God I’m not in North London today.

Monday 5 November:  I can’t face Pret a Manger again.  I just can’t.  I’ll just try something else.  Harry Ramsden’s Euston Express…why am I standing in this que at Harry Ramsden’s Euston Express?  Move.  Just leave the que.  You’re next; hurry.  Run…nope, too late.  “I’ll have the fish goujons & chips please, with diet coke”.

Why did I just do that?  Why am I buying fish & chips?

For lunch.  On a Monday.

I am neither a builder nor a pensioner.

What do I do with them now?  I can’t take them back to the office.  Here, I’ll just sit in the  Harry Ramsden’s section of the station cafeteria on the pleather chairs, betwixt the aspidistras and brass railings, and pretend I’m waiting for my train to Birmingham or Warrington or something.

I really hope no one from the office sees me.

This is a new low…

Tuesday 6 November:  Never again will the Harry Ramsden’s debacle ever happen.  I have brought a cheese sandwich today.

Wednesday 7 November:  Cheese sandwich again.   And an apple.  A memento from happier days shopping at Borough Market…where they have food.

Thursday 8 November:  This is great not fun anymore.  My first seventh day of work in Euston and apparently they don’t eat sushi or salads that don’t involve pasta & a 50% mayonnaise content here.  North London is very cool, but not where I am.  Wow, I guess that makes me cool a bit sillyAnd trendynot so much.  I am going to be cool a bit silly and not so trendy and work in North London. 

And I’m tired of cheese sandwiches.