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A Sunday Lunch in December

I find more and more now that I create meals which are blended components of Candian Maritime cuisine and other North American classics with the new recipes which I’ve learned since moving to London.  The comforts of my own childhood blended with the culinary memories of my boyfriend from his Sussex youth and boarding school.

As we speak, in the oven I have a sausage stuffed turkey roulade baking (an experiment, inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s method of cooking the Christmas Turkey), which will be accompanied by baked sweet potatoes and jalapeno cornbread.  And perhaps a little cranberry sauce on the side.  I used to make this same jalapeno cornbread in huge sheet trays when I worked at a fine dining restaurant in Canada, but now I only make a small batch in an 8″ pan – enough for the two of us.  (If I hadn’t put jalapenos in the recipe, I’d be sneaking a warm slice with butter and Crosby’s molasses.)

This will be our Sunday Lunch today – a rather late Sunday lunch I’m afraid – which we will enjoy with a glass of Chat-en-Oeuf and perhaps afterwards a bowl of my boyfrirend’s excellent apple crumble.